why I chose young living & faq's

June 21, 2018

fresh lavender from the young living farm in mona, utah

my journey to natural wellness started with one simple investment...the premium starter kit from young living. 

About 4 years ago, I started learning more about the toxins in our homes.

Once I found out that toxic cancer causing-yucky chemicals were in literally everything we were using on our bodies daily, I knew we had to make a change. I joined Young Living in April of 2017 in hopes that I’d be able to make a few homemade essentials and pursue a healthier lifestyle. Today (as cliche as this sounds), I really couldn’t imagine my life without Young Living and I never want to go back.
When I first started I had NO idea what I was doing or what any of these oils could do. BUT, after purchasing my starter kit & joining, our amazing community taught me everything I know today. And now I’m the one teaching others. Crazy right?

but out of all the other companies out there, why did I choose young living essential oils? that's simple:

-they are beyond organic-made with incredibly detailed and strict standards (check out www.seedtoseal.com for more info). This has such a huge impact, you guys! it means that Young Living controls every single aspect of their production line.
-they own their own farms.
-they plant their own seeds.
-they cultivate their own crops.
-they use essential oils on their plants.
-they oversee everything, literally, from planting the seed to sealing the bottle. They can say with a 100% guarantee that they know what is inside each and every bottle, and that they are pure beyond a shadow of a doubt.
-they never use pesticides or chemicals on their plants. you can even visit their farms all over the world (I went this summer). they weed by hand, harvest, and distill on site using low pressure and temperature to guarantee that every single ounce will be 100% pure and safe with all the plant's beneficial properties uncompromised. they test each oil to ensure quality and if there is a bad batch it is thrown away!
so yeah...that's why 😉


I know it can all seem a tad overwhelming when you're thinking about getting started with young living, but my only regret (literally ONLY one) is not starting sooner. here are some FAQ's I get:

  1. What do you use oils for? Just about everything now! Sleep, skin, hair, emotional support, home cleaning, stress relief, supporting our immune systems naturally, focus & energy, the list goes on & on. You learn as you go. Our team has all the resources you need to start learning about using them 
  2. If I invest in a starter kit, does that mean I have to sell Young Living products too? Absolutely not. We will never pressure you to pursue the biz side if that’s not your jam (however, the opportunity is always open)
  3. So if I’m signing up as a member does that mean I have to order monthly? Nope! If you just wanted a starter kit & that’s it-that is totally fine. You only order monthly if you want to (& here is why you would). You will have your 24% off discount for a year (or as long as your ordering).
  4. Are essential oils safe and do they actually work? Young Living prides itself on its excellent quality (Seed to Seal Promise). They are absolutely safe & support our bodies in many ways (they’re not just a pretty smell). We have seen a huge difference in our health from using them. If you’re interested in how, just ask 
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