october essential oil freebie!

October 10, 2019

o c t o b e r  f r e e b i e

hello autumn! I love using essential oils at all times of the year but especially in fall & winter. with cozy diffuser blends, warm drink recipes, and a natural way to support my immune system...what’s not to love? I wanted to make it extra fun this month to get your hands on some amazing essential oils (see why I chose Young Living to get my oils here) & get started with some of my favorite fall essentials as well. 

click here to enroll with a premium starter kit this month & choose “yes” when you’re asked to enroll in essential rewards & make your kit your first rewards order and you’ll get the following freebies:

- welcome guide
- fall room/linen spray (above)
- nutmeg essential oil
- fall recipe card
- $10 back in rewards points towards your next order

prettty sweet, amiright?! 😍

to get all the details on the premium starter kit, what it comes with, and why I love it (and why you will too) click here!

BEST PART..f r e e shipping on your kit all month long 🥳

if you need some ideas of what to add to your order when you customize your kit, my favorites for this season are northern lights black spruce (my fav woodys smell), thieves household cleaner, & cedarwood essential oil for skin, hair, & sleep support!

chances are when you start using your oils you won’t be able to shut up about them (I sure couldn’t) so enroll two people: your best friend, your grandma, you cousin, your sister, who ever with a premium starter kit just like you did in october’s and you’ll get this beautiful succulent diffuser and if you do it two more times a free Rose oil (y’all this is a big deal—Rose is normally over $200!!!)  you’ll also get at least a $100 thank you check from Young Living for your referral! this is for anyone on my team & if you need help finding your referral link please don’t hesitate to ask!

so excited to welcome the autumn season with you my friend. as always, I’m happy to answer any & all questions you have!

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