August: Mind, Body & Soul Wellness Group

July 21, 2020

introducing the

MIND. BODY. SOUL. wellness challenge

This private group will be a place to hold each-other accountable and encourage one another. We will be focusing on healthy habits daily that will help us feel better from the inside out!

We will have
- live workouts
- giveaways
- live classes on nutrition, fitness and oils
- healthy meal recipes
& so much more!

What healthy habits will we be focusing on daily?

- Drinking 2oz. Ningxia red
- Using YL protein
- Cooking a healthy meal
- Drinking more water
- Getting outside
- Moving our bodies
- Spending time in prayer/ quiet time (whatever that looks like for you)
- Using our oil

Doing this August 1-31 will help us feel

- less stress
- more energy
- more focused
- more positive
- better sleep
- physically well
- mentally well
- spiritually well
- emotionally well

Who can join this private group? Anyone and everyone! All you have to do is grab a customized wellness bundle. Ask me about grabbing a bundle and I will walk you through it!

What’s in the bundle?

01. Balance complete or pure protein complete

02. Ningxia 2 pack or 2oz singles

03. Valor or frankincense vitality

04. Optional - vitality drops

* order must be 150 + PV to be entered to private Facebook group!

Our world is facing a tough time right now and more than ever we need community, wellness, at home fitness, recipe ideas, oils for emotions and to focus on feeling good from the inside out! Excited to focus on these things with our community & we would love to have you! DM me on instagram (@inhisnameco) to get started or ask any questions!
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